NJ Bicycle Manuals


These manuals and fact sheets are currently available online from the Motor Vehicle Commission. For your convenience, some are provided in both HTML and PDF formats.
To view documents in PDF format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is available free of charge from the state Adobe Access page. New Jersey Department of Transportation publications are located on the Publications page of the NJDOT Web site.

Driver Manual – 2001 edition (html) (pdf list)

Driver Manual in Spanish – 1999 edition (pdf)a

GDL Fact Sheet – 2002 edition (pdf)

Safe Driving, A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Teens handbook – 2000 edition (pdf)

Motorcycle Manual – 2000 edition (html) (pdf)

Bicycle Manual – 2003 edition (html) (pdf)

Moped Manual – 2000 edition (html) (pdf)

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) (html)

Snowmobile Manual – 2003 edition (html) (pdf)

Boating Facts – 2002 edition (html) (pdf)

NJ Point System and Drunk Driving Facts – 2002 edition (html) (pdf)

NJ’s Roadside Diesel Smoke Emissions Program (html) (pdf)

International Fuel Tax Agreement Manual (html)



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